Driving you for more than 30 years

Specialized Services of All Kinds Available for Business
or Pleasure, any time, any event, any occasion!

Tired of the high cost of black car services? Or the inconvenience of public transportation? Or paying too much for airport parking?
Instead enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle with your own personal driver. Our professional, courteous, and reliable drivers come to your home or business, drive your car to your destination. Our service allows you the time to work on last minute sales promotions, emails, and conference calls while our professional chauffeurs drive your car to the airport, meetings, or anywhere else you need to go. Our drivers will also be happy to do your daily errands – whatever request you have we can accommodate! Whether the need is business or pleasure, our low-cost service will provide you the necessary convenience to ease your busy schedule.

Chauffeurs Unlimited


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About Us

About 30 years ago, after being in the transportation industry for some time, we saw there was a void, a need for a transportation option with a more personal, professional touch. Chauffeurs Unlimited provides that option, whether it be the need for a designated driver, or to make last minute preparations for an important meeting…

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